First Mayor of Fantasy Island Amusement Park Inducted on August 16, 2006

Tom Stewart the Mayor of Beach Haven
meets with Al Gator the Mayor of Fantasy Island

Years ago in 1985, Mr. and Mrs. Gator decided to migrate from Okeechobee, Florida. As they began their magical journey up the east coast, they found comfort on a beautiful island called Long Beach Island. Their days were filled with long walks on the beach, fancy dinners, and nights at the theatre. One day while visiting Fantasy Island, they learned that they would soon be the proud parents of a very special baby gator who would one day become the mayor of Fantasy Island.

On August 16, 2006 a special event occured. We celebrated the induction of the first Mayor of Fantasy Island. Mr. Pickle, as his friends call him, officially became Mayor Gator on Wednesday at 5:00pm.

Mayor Al E. Gator and friends