When can I purchase pre-season tickets? - Our 2018 On-line sale will be available March 30th - April 8th, 2018.
Purchases may be made here on this web site. No On-Line orders can be accepted after Sunday, April 8th.
Half Price Ride Tickets will also be available in the Arcade during the sale.
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The sale is over, can I still make a purchase? - No, the sale is over.

I placed an order for 120 tickets and only recieved 120 tickets. I thought it was a two for one sale?
This is NOT a buy one, get one free offer. This is a HALF PRICE sale.
Tickets may be redeemed for rides valued at twice the amount you paid.

Do I get a receipt for my order? - You will get a confirmation screen with an order number when you place your order.
If you do not get a confirmation then your order did not go through.
If you are on the Internet and entered your correct E-mail address, you should also receive an E-mail conformation.
If you are on AOL then you may NOT receive an E-mail conformation. AOL or your Spam filter may block such emails.

My order did not go through? - This could be for several reasons

What is done with my personal information? - We only keep a record of your contact information and the amount you ordered. Your credit card information is only used to process your order and is not saved.

I made a mistake in my order? - Please E-mail and explain what happened.
Please include your Order Number.

How long are the tickets good for? - The ride tickets do not expire and are good for any year.

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